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I first discovered the wonderful world of artist bears quite by accident when on a shopping trip to Brighton

in 1992.  I saw a limited edition Hermann bear in a department store and was told about the specialist shop

'Bears & Friends' which was just around the corner in the famous Brighton Lanes.


I had no idea what a life changing decision I was making when I decided it wouldn't hurt to just take a quick look. 

And as they say, the rest is history.

Inspired by the magical creations I saw, I bought a kit and made my first bear.  The result was not quite what I was hoping

for and I decided that the bear would have been better with bigger feet, fatter legs, longer arms etc.


So the next stop was a trip to Teddies 1992 where I bought a beautiful piece of distressed mohair and decided

to create my own pattern.  And of course it is impossible to stop with just one bear.


I exhibited at my first fair later that year and have been creating ever since.  My bears and their friends are all my

own work from design to completion.  Over the years my style has evolved, but the one constant

has been to create bears, and now bunnies, with a kind and gentle expression. 

I often hear people approaching my stand at fairs exclaim 'what lovely faces'. 

That is exactly the reaction I hope for.


Most of my bears are 'one-of-a-kind', but if the bear that catches your eye has been adopted, it may be possible to

create something similar.  I welcome commissions and am always happy to discuss ideas.


Over the years my bears have found homes across the world and have also appeared in many teddy related publications including Teddy Bear Times, Teddy Bear Club International, Teddy Bear Scene and Teddy Bear & Friends.


I write regular 'how to' features and show reviews for Teddy Bear Times and Friends.


I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and look forward to perhaps meeting you at a fair soon.





The components and techniques used in the creation of the bears and their friends

make them unsuitable for children under 14 years.





© 2021 by Julie Shepherd.

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